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 Martin Luther King Jr. Stares Towards the 16th Street Baptist Church

I met MLKJ’s statue in Birmingham, AL. He’s on a platform, standing tall and regal. He’s looking across the way past the statues of the four little girls frozen in time, where they likely used to play on the street corner, towards the church where those four girls were killed by a group of racists who planted a bomb intended for organizers at the church.

 The Plundering of Nations, Elder Nathan Phillips, the MAGA Boys, and MMIW

The conflict between elder Nathan Phillips and the #MAGA kids is more than racism. The kids who were harassing the Omaha Nation elder may have been racist, but it’s still about the plundering of nations. Women and children disappear from reservation territory daily. The current laws make #MMIW cases likely fall under federal jurisdiction, but with additional complications and holes.

 The Perpetual Nomad

I seem bound to wander the earth. I seem to be called to many places to either observe and communicate, to pray, or to help in the most appropriate way. I suppose I am a teacher of sorts, not the kind you’d find in classroom. No, I’m more the kind you might find from a time long ago. I tell stories as the rhizomatic strands of reality become woven into the patterns I see.

 Toccata & Fugue in the Key of Blockchain

The origins of the underlying data structure has everything to do with ensuring a document or set of documents can be proved published in a particular form at a certain time. In this context, a document could be an image, audio file, movie, or other computer file. This is incredibly general and adaptable to many different circumstances.

 Does Blockchain Generate Trust?

Generating trust from nothing is one of the first major feats blockchain is hyped to do, but blockchain itself doesn’t generate trust out of nothing. It actually derives from the system in which blockchain is used. A blockchain is actually just a chain of blocks of data having a particular structure which ensures its self-integrity, it can only be used to guarantee the data written to the chain was done so in a certain way. Multiple blockchains can be created with the same data up to a certain point — in fact, Bitcoin does this all the time in the mining process and the fork stays around until a majority of nodes choose the fork which grows longest.