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Summary #

Experienced full-stack software developer, technical consultant, and project manager helping to minimize complexity, improve product performance, and increase product value. Varied applied knowledge base with a reputation for seeing the big picture down to the small details and making business visions a reality.

Experience #

Crowd Supply, Portland, OR — Lead Architect #

APR 2018 - SEP 2019

Responsible for the main Crowd Supply website and system administration. Streamlined our shipping pipeline by building a new system to print shipping labels directly to a Zebra printer within the Crowd Supply admin interface. Increased site reliability by offloading tasks to a job queue. Rebuilt the reporting pipeline. Began the process of integrating our systems with Mouser Electronics. Created the check-in software for the our Teardown conference. Created one of the logic puzzles for Crowd Supply’s annual conference, Teardown 2019. [see the final assembly and the puzzle in action]

Geeks Without Bounds, Planet Earth — Technologist & Trainer #

JUL 2017 - 2019

National support for small to medium community organizations and nonprofits in low resource environments. Met with leaders to discuss needs and prioritize plans. Created community solutions using open source technologies when possible. Taught classes and workshops on multiple topics to adults and children including power systems, networking, and general technological skill building.

AppNexus, Portland, OR — Senior Software Engineer #

DEC 2013 - DEC 2016

Contributed to many projects cutting across our entire stack from the advertiser and publisher UI applications, core API, data pipeline, and reporting. Aided design and implemented access control and policy restrictions across the UI and API. Created a D3 based charting system for analyzing key monetization metrics. Played a key role in optimizing the joining of data retrieved from multiple services. Prevented major incidents by proactively watching architecture changes and making sure unowned API services impacted by those changes were updated in time. Diagnosed problems arising from networking issues in the interaction of multiple microservices. Quickly learned about all of the myriad systems at AppNexus, including our adserver written in C. Provided 1:1 mentoring to help share knowledge of systems and programming practices.

Technologies: JavaScript (browser and Node.js), D3, React, Jasmine, Mocha, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, PHP, PHPUnit, Zend framework, Composer, Python, Scala, Java, Akka, Play, Hadoop, Kafka, C, Less, Sass, CSS, Hive, Vertica, MySql, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Apache, Nginx, Puppet, Tendril (an internal application deployment framework written in Python), Jenkins, tcpdump, Linux, OS X, sbt, Maven

Ada Burrows, Portland, OR — Technologist #

NOV 2008 - NOV 2015

Communicated with clients to arrive at a deep understanding of client business needs. Leveraged and extended clients’ existing technologies. Leveraged existing open source technologies and/or implemented custom code to meet client needs. Implemented custom applications using easily maintainable technologies. Provided documentation, training, and customer support. Provided time and/or cost estimates.

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript (browser and Node.js), Ruby, Java, Scala, Python, C++, Go, Rust, HTML, Less, Sass, CSS, Zend framework, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, WordPress, Drupal, OpenBravo POS, Django, QT, NVIDIA CUDA, Apache httpd, NGINX, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, ZeroMQ, beanstalkd, BIND, PowerDNS, Icecast, Jitsi, Windows, OS X, Linux, VirtualBox, Chef, Puppet, Capistrano, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson TK1

Puppet Labs, Portland, OR — Software Developer #

APR 2012 - DEC 2013

Performed a wide variety of roles including: front end developer, back end developer, Puppet module developer, security analyst, and subject matter expert. Contributed to nearly every component in our commercial product. Often looked to for expert knowledge of PE and it’s architecture.

Technologies: HTML, SVG, CSS3, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Batman.js, Underscore, Backbone, Marionette, Aura, D3, Require.js, Jasmine, Spyon, PhantomJS, Ruby, Rack, Sinatra, Rails, RSpec, Capybara, Selenium Webdriver, Sauce Labs, Apache HTTPD, ActiveMQ, Puppet, MCollective, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Linux, Windows, OS X, Solaris, AIX, VirtualBox, VMware Fusion, Vagrant

CD Baby, Portland, OR — Application Developer #

JAN 2012 - APR 2012

Developed front end, middleware, and back-end systems on several HostBaby products. Lead development on new features. Initiated pair programming sessions. Mentored our front-end developer. When hard bugs hit, I gathered the team together in group brainstorming sessions. Encouraged coworkers to join the larger Portland, OR tech community and brought several co-workers to events.

  • Developed a music player which maintains state across page navigation, reloads, and between multiple instances while preventing multiple instances from playing at once.
  • Implemented a sharing mechanism to share the player’s currently playing track on Facebook and dealt with last minute changes in Facebook’s API.

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML5, CSS3, PHP5, Zend, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Postfix, AWK, SED, BASH, Linux, OS X, VirtualBox

Prolegic Enterprises, Portland, OR — Lead Technologist #

MAR 2010 - NOV 2011

Led the design and implementation of uLynk’s mobile marketing platform and analytics dashboard. Gathered customer requirements. Ensured customer needs were met in a timely manner. Integrated our platform with customer’s existing web properties.

  • Implemented an online business platform with integrated payment & billing system.
  • Led migration from our in-house SMS infrastructure with high overhead to a cloud based SMS messaging provider. This resulted in 10x more SMS messages per minute.
  • Implemented HTTP API clients for SMSified, Sage Payments, Kannel, Facebook, and oAuth2 services.

Technologies: CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, PHP5, Node.js, C#, SQL, MySQL, Kannel, Apache HTTPD, NGINX, Linux, Windows, OS X, VirtualBox

Dreamfish, San Francisco, CA — Platform Developer & Project Manager #

SEP 2010 - OCT 2010

Developed process guidelines and documentation for agile project management. Evaluated user stories and prioritized them for development. Wrote tasks from user stories. Evaluated progress, identified problem areas and provided feedback. Facilitated communication between team members.

Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP5, Elgg, WordPress, Java, Etherpad, MySQL, Apache HTTPD, Linux, Amazon EC2, VirtualBox

Valley Business Solutions, Corvallis, OR — Lead Technologist #

JUN 2009 - SEP 2009

Member of a short-lived Corvallis startup. Programmed framework for scheduling app. Provisioned Amazon EC2 instance for serving PHP, Ruby & Java with MySQL & PostgreSQL databases. Installed & configured OpenBravo ERP, Apache OFBiz, Liferay, and Alfresco enterprise software.

  • Designed original theme for Corvalligator, a branch of Portland’s Calagator project.
  • Designed scheduling algorithm for scheduling application based on dividing time into a quantized vector space.

Technologies: CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, PHP5, Ruby, Rails, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, VirtualBox

Self Employed — Technologist #

1998 - 2006

Worked as an IT freelancer in Lincoln, NE, and Oklahoma City, OK. Projects included computer & network maintenance, VBA programming, webmaster & hosting provider.

Education #

Union College, Lincoln, NE — Studied Music Education, Chemistry, Math, Computer Science, & Theology #

2003 - 2006

Activities and Societies: Member of education, music, computer, business, and math & science clubs; wind ensemble, vocal octet, concert choir, handbell ensemble, and saxophone quartet.