Hello! My name is Jillian Ada Burrows, but you can call me Jill.

I'm a programmer, writer, mathematician, musician, and creative in general.

I am an emergent phenomenon of the universe and merely a life changing speck in the nearly infinite cosmos. This is what you are, too. Only your place is different — and due to chaos, you are something entirely different. What we have in common is that we are both examples of emergent properties of the universe, entropic epiphenomena. To me, that makes us very special!

I am very odd. One day I will one-up myself and get even. ☺


On most social networks I'm known as either jburrows or adaburrows. I've linked to most of my related sites below. You could read my blog and leave a comment, send me a message on twitter, or find an event to which I'm going. I'll see you around the internet — maybe in real life, too. Enjoy!


I program in quite a few langauges, including: PHP, JavaScript (Node.js + client side), Java, C++, & Ruby. Below are some projects of mine that contain sample code.